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Art evokes the burning river.

The National Senior Games are coming to Cleveland this summer. Part of the celebration includes the lighting of a flaming cauldron, evoking memories of the fire on the Cuyahoga River. After the games the cauldron, featuring flame like steel rising … Read more

Brainstorming session scheduled for public art in Boise’s 30th Street Neighborhood

The city of Boise, Idaho has invited community members and an array of artists to participate in a half-day session to generate ideas for a new public art project. The project is meant to serve as a boundary between Whittier … Read more

Dallas Nasher Sculpture Center celebrates anniversary with new public art project

In Dallas, the Nasher Sculpture Center has embarked on a city-wide public art effort. In celebration of its 10 year anniversary the center has commissioned 10 artists to make public artwork for 10 neighborhoods through out the city. Read the … Read more

Inside Out: The People’s Art Project

The film, Inside Out: The People’s Art Project, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 20th, 2013. Described as the world’s largest participatory art project, Inside Out was led by artist, JR, who asked people from around the world … Read more


Intellectual Property and Illegal Street Art

We think of projects that have been properly planned and funded as public art, and those made illegally as graffiti. But what do we do with graffiti that is welcomed by the community? Last May, a work called “Slave Labour,” … Read more

Responsive Public Art Hits Seattle

On March 24, 2013, artist Doug Aitken unveiled his new installation,“Mirror,” which illuminates the façade of the Seattle Art Museum. Video, that changes and adapts in response to surroundings, will be displayed on a glass-covered screen that wraps around the … Read more

San Francisco’s Bay Bridge Becomes Public Art

For the next two years, San Francisco’s Bay Bridge will serve as the scaffolding for a light based public art installation. Light artist Leo Villareal installed 25,000 LEDs on the bridge. Programmed to play in ever-changing patterns, the lights will … Read more

Spaces Sculpture Trail adds 36 pieces of public art, from whimsical to serious, to Huntsville’s landscape

Until recently Huntsville, Alabama had very little public art. That changed in 2010 with the launch of “SPACES,” a collaborative project developed by The Arts Council, Inc., Alabama A&M University, Huntsville Museum of Art, Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment Center … Read more

What’s the Buzz Medina

Medina will soon be buzzing with bees, though they won’t be producing honey. Instead they’ll be decorating the landscape. As Cleveland showcases guitars throughout the landscape, Medina will soon be displaying 25 giant bee sculptures throughout town. Read Medina City … Read more