Just for kids…   but maybe you can get your parents to help

Public art is pretty simple. It’s art that’s usually big, and that everyone can see. Big statues made of stone or metal or glass, big wall paintings (also called murals); or other pieces of art that can be seen and maybe even touched by people walking by. Sometime public art is inside, and sometimes it’s outside. When we have public art in our neighborhood, it often is a picture of something in our neighborhood or an idea about our neighborhood. It tells a story about where we live or where we study or play or go to church. It tells us something about us, about you and your family or your city or your friends, about the people you live by or go to school with or play with.

Bellaire Puritas is drawing a plan for public art on West 140th Street, where the library and Artemus Ward School and Garfield School are and where the new John Marshall High School is going to be. Birchwood School is there, too. We want your ideas for our plan. We want ideas for public art around where you live. What would you like to see? What pictures do you think would be good for outside art? What shapes should we use? What colors would be good on West 140th Street?

What do you think of when you think of where you live? When you think of the area where you go to school? Are there pictures that pop into your head? Take some time to think about how you would draw your neighborhood or make a sculpture or statue of your neighborhood. What tools or materials would you use to make a huge piece of outdoor art (stone? Metal? What else?).

If you were making art for our neighborhood, what would you want people to feel when they saw it?

Share your ideas!

What would you like to see us include in our public art project? Please share your thoughts below.

If you would like to share a picture, you may upload that along with your description.

Images should be submitted in .jpg, .png, .gif or .pdf formats. If you’ve drawn something on paper you may scan the the picture then share the scanned image file. If you would like to create an image on your computer but don’t have the appropriate software, you may want to try one of the programs listed on our software page. Most are free.

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